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Improper excreta disposal is the principal factor in the transmission and spread of gastrointestinal infections including parasitism. It may also lead to contamination of water supply sources which may result to outbreak of diseases such as cholera and gastroenteritis. In addition, improper and unsanitary excreta disposal brings about unsightly conditions and foul odors, which are a definite nuisance to any community.

The Zero Open Defecation program (ZODP) is presently being promoted by the Department of Health (DOH) and other partner agencies as one of the major strategies for scaling-up rural sanitation development. By year 2016, as set in the DOH National Sustainable Sanitation Plan (NSSP), at least 60%of all barangays should have been declared Zero Open Defecation (ZOD) status and all barangays nationwide by year 2022.

For a barangay to be certified ZOD status, the following characteristics should exist in the community at the time of the assessment towards certification:

         (1) Use of a functional toilet

         (2) Availability of soap and water at or near the toilet

         (3) Proper disposal of babies’ and elderly’s feces

         (4) No visible feces in the surrounding

         (5) Evidence of a barangay action plan to move up the sanitation ladder towards sustainable sanitation

The verification and certification of ZOD status is an important activity to know the actual situation as to what extent the claims made by the Barangay/s, to give recognition or reward and to recognize the collective effort of the communities for achieving ZOD status based on clear objectives and impartial process.

By virtue of EO No. 2017-02-05 Series of 2017, the Municipal Mayor, Atty. Aleli U. Concepcion, has organized the Municipal Verification and Certification Team (for Zero Open Defecation in the Barangays) to visit , verify and declare the Barangay ZOD status.

Presently, there are twelve barangays which have been verified and declared with ZOD status, namely:

  • Antonino- PB Arnel Ayson
  • Butubut Sur- PB Ernesto Oriña
  • Butubut Norte- Acting PB Rene Esporlas
  • Sablut- PB Benjamin Viloria
  • Calliat- PB Adriano Navalta
  • Nalasin- PB Lydia Olivar
  • Bet-Ang- PB Minardo Omo
  • Butubut Este- PB Loreto Valdez
  • Butubut Oeste- PB Alan Jacinto Obille
  • Sinapangan Sur- PB Freddie Valdez
  • Pagleddegan- PB Simeon Peria
  • Ar-arampang- PB Jeoffrey Orfiano

It is the goal of LGU Balaoan to accelerate actions to improve sanitation for all and to have all its 36 barangays be declared with ZOD status the soonest time possible.

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