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The Balaoan Town Plaza Welcome Arch was built on July 04, 1946, after the World War II. It serves as waiting area for travelers taking the public transport from the municipalities of Balaoan, Luna and Santol and some part of the Municipality of Sudipen going to the South. As the old folks say,  Balaoan became a stop-over area for travelers from the province of Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte after the World War II and during Martial Law. Because of the imposition of curfew during Martial Law, many Ilocano travelers stopped at Balaoan to take a rest .They will stay at the  ground floor of the “Presidencia” or Municipal Hall and at the town plaza for a night before they continue their trip early in the morning.

The Balaoan Town Plaza Welcome Arch is a silent witness on how the town of Balaoan has evolved, from a simple agricultural town to a progressive and competitive 1st class municipality. It  also witnessed the story of  Ilocano travelers during the post World War II era and during the time of Martial Law. For 74 years, the welcome arch has withstood many disasters and changes. In some aspect, the Balaoan Welcome Arch represents the resilient townspeople of Balaoan.

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