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Kaparingitan as what barangay folks call it during the olden times is what we now call as IMMUKI ISLAND.

IMMUKI is a word which was derived from a sea creature that can thrive only on the paringit (dead corals) – these are the SEA SLUGS or BABAO. BABAO or BAO is a Pangasinense term which refers to the female genital or in Ilocano, UKI. Since then, the word IMMUKI has been associated with the island also because the shape of its main lagoon is like the shape of a female genital.

And because of the naughty minds of people attracted by the beauty of the island, and from word-of-mouth passed through generations, the other lagoons in the island were also named with other body parts, the BIMMUTO (male genital) and IMMUBET (anus).

At present, the IMMUKI ISLAND is a stunning island, not anymore a mere paringit because of the mangroves (Bantigue/Nirad) on it. The crystal clear waters where you can see fish swimming is also an added attraction.

IMMUKI ISLAND is located in Barangay Paraoir, Balaoan, La Union.

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