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MDC Meeting

Mayor Aleli Concepcion convenes the Municipal Development Council for the 1st quarter of 2023 on January 25, 2023 at the LGU Conference Hall to approve the project listing to be funded by the 2019 excise taxes under R.A. 7171 (Virginia Tobacco) amounting to Php 422,761,149.00 and under R.A. 8240 (Burley/Native Tobacco) amounting to Php 2,043,567.00. She also sought the proposals/recommendations of the Body for projects to be funded under the 2020 share of Balaoan under R.A. 7171 amounting to Php 529,265,776.00 and under R.A. 8240 amounting to Php 1,561,313.00.
It is noteworthy that Balaoan gets the 5th biggest share in Virginia Tobacco excise taxes (R.A. 7171) for Fiscal Year 2020 nationwide and accounts for 56.24% of Virginia Tobacco production in the entire province of La Union.
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