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Mrs. Balaoan 2024 Canvassing (December 4, 2023)

Mrs. Marife Concepcion-Hermosura of District 1 emerges as Her Majesty Queen for Mrs. Balaoan 2024 during the canvassing held on December 4, 2023 at the LGU Conference Hall with Php 5,073,000.00. Other members of the royal court include Mrs. Romela Atun-Hufemia as First Princess from DepEd and Mrs. Agnes Oreal-Isiderio as Second Princess from District 3. Coronation will be on December 21, 2023.
The search for Mrs. Balaoan is a fund-raising activity for our annual town fiesta celebration. In total, we raised Php 2,914,461.00 for this year’s fiesta celebration.

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