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The Osias-Basconcillo Ancestral  House is one of the few old houses in the municipality. It is located at the town’s pueblo or poblacion area. It is near the Balaoan Public Market and a few meters away from the church and the municipal hall.

The house has retained its old form and design, from the wood pillars, carvings, floors and windows and intricate designs on the balcony. At the top of the main door,  letters “M” and “O” were carved indicating the name of the original owner of the house, the grand patriarch, Marcelino Osias. The design of the house shows how intelligent and artistic Filipinos are in terms of engineering and architecture. The craftsmanship and talent of the carpenters and engineer who constructed the house can be seen in its structure. Even if it was built during the American Period, the Antillean Architecture which we inherited from the Spaniards can be seen in the design.

Old memories of the family linger in the different parts of the house. The house has seen how the family grew and transformed, from its ancestors down to its decendants. The Osias-Basconcillo Heritage House does not only represent the Osias-Basconcillo Family but also serves as a silent witness to how Balaoanians lived during the American Colonial Period up to present. It is a witness on how the municipality evolved.

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