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The Sinapangan Acacia Tree is one of the few century old trees in the municipality. Old folks could attest that the acacia tree was already there even before they and their predecessors were born.

From stories which have been passed on from generations to generations, the acacia tree served as a resting place of farmers after a tiring day in the farm and as a meeting place of barrio folks going to the pueblo or poblacion.

Being situated in school grounds, the tree became a part of the lives of the barrio folks and the students and teachers of Sinapangan Elementary School and Sinapangan National High School. The acacia tree served as a shed against heavy rain and the scorching heat of the sun. The tree has become the favorite go-to-place of students and learners during their break. The old acacia tree has witnessed important events and programs in the school and even the successes and triumphs of students and teachers alike. It is believed that the tree is inhabited and protected by an Engkanto even up to date.

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